A wildly idiotic animated series,
that aims to solve the world.

Captain Europa is an animated half hour absurdist comedy, that follows a ragtag group that sets out to fix any and all political, racial, and hot button problems worldwide.

When disgraced ranking Captain Charles Europa was dishonorably discharged from the British Royal Army, he floundered across Europe whilst squandering his parents’ fortunes. Content to simply eat & drink his life away, everything good in his life came to a crashing halt with the Brexit Bamboozle.

Now the self proclaimed National Warriors have banded together to “fix this total kerfuffle”, Captain Europa will do everything within his imagination to right the wrongs of the system. He’s roped in all of the ex-military contacts, as well as a slew of Nationalistic friends and enemies into the fray.

If together he’s convinced they can fix the Brexit problem, and in turn they will fix the bigger problems worldwide. In actuality he’s just a total prat… but he just may be exactly who we need.